Monday, February 4, 2013


A bright, dazzling February Sunday.  Almost cobalt-colored skies and a blanket of snow.  Trees and sky.  Four inches of "snow flurries" fell last night.

Today's sunshine was streaming into the dining room window making my cobalt glass "glow".

Several of my outside plants spend the winter here in this window. That's a persimmon tree branch outside the window.

The bottom part of this window is covered with a peel-off window film.  Privacy and light.

I have collected Delft ware and blue and white plates for many years.  You can see a few of my plates and a Delft wall pocket vase in this picture.


This is the window where I watch the full moon rise through the branches of the persimmon tree.

I like the face of this little cobalt-colored glass moon. When the full moon rises, it shines through the blue glass and lights this little moon's face.

Can it be long until Spring with the sun shining like it did Sunday?


  1. I love all the blue, but that blue sky took the prize.

  2. So pretty...I love blue! :) Blessings friend

  3. I would be so very ready for Spring if we had only had a winter. It is the beginning of February and we are having 80 degree weather. Not even a sweater is needed.. awful..
    Your blue is just gorgeous. I can tell you love your home. I know exactly how you feel.
    Mona :)

  4. Susie your blue and white collection gorgeous and especially I. like the face of this little cobalt-colored glass moon

  5. Hi, Susie...your blues, including that awesome sky, are sooo pretty.
    I've collected Blue Windmill for years...mostly the canister sets from Germany.
    Now that I am moving, I'm not going to have room for all of it...guess I'll run it on Ebay.
    hugs, bj

  6. I love your blue plates - they look so pretty with the sun streaming in.. Thank you for being one of my followers. My hummers love to sit on top of the fountain where the water bubbles out and take baths - they line up an fuss at me if the fountain get to low. Will also come right up to me when I am watering and drink out of the hose. Flowers are just starting to flower and I am anxious to dig in the dirt.
    Thanks for stopping by my new friend.

  7. Your cobalt blues are gorgeous in the window! We got a lot of sunshine today along with high winds. I wanted to go on a long walk, but it was just too windy.

  8. Ahhh, so that is where you got the name of your blog. THAT is just wonderful. Mine? Not so wonderful but changing it is really a lot of trouble. You have some beautiful glass ware. I really love the way you decorate. So cute and cozy.

  9. Simply amazing! My favorite color is blue! Surely you are happy with this! A nice and peaceful home you have.

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