Friday, August 9, 2013


Meet my little friend.  I think there may be a hummingbird nest somewhere in our spruce tree.  For a little more than a week or so I have been hearing multiple tiny, very delicate sounding little peeps from somewhere in the spruce.   I have not been able to see where the sounds are coming from. This morning when I looked out the door I saw two hummingbirds sitting in some of the low, bare branches of the trimmed-up-off-of-the-ground spruce tree.  They were so cute.  One was rather large and chubby,  for a hummingbird. It was facing the other hummingbird that was on another branch.  The second hummingbird was teeny, tiny and rather skinny, even for a hummingbird.  They were looking at each other.  It looked like they may have been deep in conversation, but I couldn't hear them because the glass on the storm door.

For once, the camera was nearby, but not near enough to catch their te'te a te'te, but near enough that I was able to catch this pic of the tiny little bird sipping something from the spruce needles, spruce nectar?  I wonder if it tasted like gin.

Here are pictures of some of my zinnias.  I can't get enough of them in summer.  I take pictures to look at in winter.  Did you notice the pretty lemon drop colored zinnia?  It is the first I have seen in this color.  The last perfectly peach zinnia I planned on harvesting seeds from became breakfast for a goldfinch, so I will show you what I am doing to get some seeds from this lemon drop zinnia.

Here it is.

It kind of looks like a Casper the Ghost Halloween costume for a zinnia, but it is a nylon mesh gift bag.  Hopefully, it will foil the little finches.  They are welcome to all of the pink and magenta zinnias they want, but they always prefer the unusually colored zinnias for their meals.  The ground beneath the zinnia patch looks like a parade went by and threw colorful confetti everywhere.  I guess it was a parade of sorts.  A parade of finches.

This is a picture of a bumblebee.  He is a different one than I wrote about before.  His markings were slightly different.  He had a hold on the petal and was bending it over.  

Happy Summer to you all!


  1. Susan, we have no zinnias in our flowers, so thanks for sharing and ditto on the hummingbirds too. The finches here seem to be ignoring the fi ch seed in favor of wild bird seed.

  2. We have hummingbirds regularly visiting and I am sure there is a nest in the nearby tree, but I have never seen a tiny little nest--sure would love to, though.

  3. I love zinna's too, just says summer. I love watching our hummingbird. Last weekend I was out in the country where someone had multiple feeders.....the buzzing was unbelievable! Such beauty you shared today, thank you!

  4. Such a wonderful photo capture of your hummers. :)
    I love the "otherworldly" essence of these magnificent
    little creatures!
    I too have a feeder up with new ones arriving just this
    week...a male and another female coming to sip. They do
    eat insects too so maybe that is what your little hummer
    is doing by the spruce tree? I was concerned about how
    little the first hummer was that showed up at my feeder...
    come to find out it is an immature female. She's not
    much bigger than my little finger.
    Your zinnias are gorgeous...they were on of my Mom's
    favorite flowers. I've never tried planting them but
    the looks of yours have me definitely wanting to try
    my hand at them next summer.
    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! Now I'm
    off to read more of yours and delight in your heart's
    In Radiant Peace,

  5. It must be wonderful to have hummingbirds in your garden.No doubt along with many other of nature's beauties they are attracted to your colorful flowers.
    Lovely to have photos to remind us!

    Happy weekend,

  6. You have inspired me to plant zinnias next year! I planted some last year, but the heat did them in. Have you seen the hummers feeding from the zinnias? They seem to like them. Thank you so much for posting the beautiful pictures!

  7. I love these photos!!! The little mesh bag over the flower is a great idea! I love the hummingbird pictures! So precious! Gin? You never know? LOL! Take Care ;o)

  8. Thanks for the tip about catching the Zinnia seeds. I don't see any birds around mine. Lots of butterflies and bees though...

  9. I see hummingbirds in our spruces often. I checked online and they say that hummingbirds eat tiny spiders that make little webs in the trees. We have feeders along the front and back porches. Love to watch their antics and soon they will be in a feeding frenzy because migration is coming up and they need more food for energy.
    I love your zinnias...what a wonderful array of colors.

  10. We've just moved north to a lake and have hummingbirds visiting throughout the day. I just adore these sweeties. I hope yours stick around for a long while. Your flowers are just gorgeous. Thanks for your visit to my blog. It's always lovely to have a new friend on board.

  11. Love your flowers and your little friends!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  12. So sweet to have a hummingbird family to watch! Your zinnias are very pretty - I love the idea for collecting the seeds - very clever. Beautiful summer photos. Hugs xoxo

  13. Dear Susie, I am so happy that you found me and that I could come by and visit your blog and read some of your beautiful posts! I love the joy of these hummers and the brightness of your zinnias. I never thought that the nectar of a juniper might taste like gin! Cuase... that's what gin is made of! I wish those little winged jewels could tell us! I hope you do make yourself a light bottle tree, especially with the colored bottles you've been collecting. The new solar LED lights are so amazing and there is so much you can do with them. Thank you Susie, all the best to you and your beautiful home and garden!

  14. Susie, thank you for visiting my blog. I laughed to think of your hummingbirds having 'gin' but maybe they like aromatics too. My mother used to grow green zinnias. I like your lemondrop color better.

    I'm going to look through your archives for persimmon posts. Are your trees native persimmons with the pretty bark?

  15. Seems our summer is nearly gone...more rain today and unusually we have not hit the high 90's much less the 100's yet...67 and how you protect your special flower from the finches...but have to admit my finches are spoiled...they are allowed all lol
    thanks for dropping by my place..btw glad to be a follower your photos!