Monday, October 28, 2013


In the past year or so, when I've been out and about, I occasionally have had a vague feeling of being somewhat invisible!  Not noticed.  At first it felt strange.  I took the time to Google it.   Apparently, this is not an unusual feeling for a middle aged (if I live to be 118 years old) woman to experience.  That was somewhat reassuring.  Now, accustomed to this alter ego, I use it to my advantage as an observer.  It is easy enough for me to speak up and be noticed if necessary.
Today was a golden fall day.  Instead of staying in and working on my Santas, I went to the bookstore.  The bookstore/café was buzzing with people.  I picked out my 2014 calendar and then went to the magazine section.  I enjoy the Stampington and Company publications.  They are wonderful, but I needed to choose just one from the variety of amazing magazines that they offer.  Luckily, there are benches near that section of the store.  I sat down and decided which magazine I would buy. I chose the Autumn issue of "prims".

I took a pen and small notebook from my purse to jot down the name of the  magazine I plan to buy in the future.  The next thing I knew, bits and pieces of the conversations of others started to register with me.  Certain phrases cut through the din of the busy store.  Pen already in hand, I wrote what I heard. 

"I'm ready."
"They have nothing to offer you.  They never did have anything to offer you."
"Take hold of my hand."
"This is the key!"
"It's the first thing you'll see when you go."
"Maybe then, I can go home."

Each phrase spoken by a different person; a nearby woman, a man to the woman he was with,  a little girl exclaiming about a book cover,  the little girl's mom,  a cashier and trainee,  a woman on her phone, and a man on his phone.

These were the phrases that carried to my ears over the cacophony of coffee makers and customers.  I wrote the phrases as I heard them.  I don't know why.  It seemed to be a good idea at the time.  As I wrote what I heard, the phrases came together almost like the outline for a short story.  Bits of conversation woven together in some sort of cosmic commentary.  

It was interesting wading in the collective thought stream on this Sunday afternoon. 


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  1. The photo of the Nightshade berries is beautiful. We have had several killing frosts here.

  2. Have you read Jeanne Ray's Invisible Woman? I hope I got her name right. I thought this was pure fiction but if I understood you right google says it's not! Very interesting. Is this something more than just feeling that the cashier does not even look at you? Or that everyone has a phone in their ear or at their fingertips, head down? It could be kind of nice, especially on bad hair days.

    I do know that when I'm in a bookstore with my head in a book, Cary Grant could come up and stand by me and I wouldn't notice. Maybe that's not the truth. I probably would notice him!

  3. I spent an hour or two at the local independent book store this past weekend. It is one of my favorite destinations.

  4. Your pictures are so pretty! I went to the bookstore last week. Lots of people in their own little world. Very observant of you and interesting. I know that my dad always like to go "People watching" Now I shall try "People listening"

  5. I love going to the bookstore,with its coffee shop smells and all those interesting people to watch and listen too....I can't help mind just wonders about them...what their lives are really like,etc. And the many to choose from. I could spend a whole day in there if possible..I do believe :) I love the Prims magazine...good choice. Blessings friend

  6. I love browsing in book shops .....looking at the magazines..and dreaming...
    I feel a bit invisible at times...
    Barb xx

  7. I love all the photos. Very interesting, writing down all the different things you were hearing! I hope you are feeling better ;o)

  8. How intriguing!
    'middle age'!!!!
    Love it.
    I'm feeling old and tired.
    We are so cold now. I expect ice on the goldfish pond in the morning.
    Cheers from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  9. Oh, I do know that feeling - my husband and I were just discussing that very recently. I rather like being incognito, though. So interesting to 'hear' the conversations you wrote down - it's fun to be an observer and not the observed! Love your Persimmons and the nightshade berries are a wonderful color. We still have some fall color, but frosts are forecast. Hugs xoxo Karen

  10. We do not have bookstores around me any more (tear sliding down my cheek) but I know what you are saying. What a grand idea to write down the snippets of conversation and relate them to each other. I may try this next time I attend a street festival!
    One nice thing about being slightly beyond middle aged (I speak of myself) is that while I do worry about people making fun of the fat old lady wearing outdated fashions, I also know that they will forget about me as soon as I am out of sight. Unless I do something nice for them. Then I hope they remember me a bit longer and do something nice for others themselves.

  11. I loved your photo's! My camera won't take such clear ones. Invisable. Sometimes I have wondered if that is why some people do the things they do. They get tired of being invisable. Everyone needs attention. I am not sure if I have ever FELT I was invisable. Actually, I can think of times I wanted to be invisable. I have always been very self concious so invisable would be fine with me. I've noticed people walk through stores and never look at's odd. HEY, you are right! I've been invisable all this time and didn't even know it! :)
    I've listened to bits of conversation in's interesting what comes through and you had the foresight to write it down. I think that's neat! Life is a challenge for everyone I think.
    This was a neat and insightful post. Loved it!

  12. Beautiful photos! My favorite is the last one!
    It depends... There are days I feel invisible too but other days I have the feeling I attract to much attention. Most times I like those invisible moments more because I can decide if I want more attention... ! :)

  13. beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

    I do hope you'll add a "patch" to this year's gratitude word quilt… instructions for how to participate are at the top of my blog. It is very simple, just takes a few breaths and a moment or two to writ

  14. And what is also interesting is that now along with people talking to each other ( Physically ) there are so many phone conversations going on...
    Lovely photos :)

  15. I loved so much of this post...the Stampington mags, many times I have wished I could buy all of them, they are so appealing..sitting in a book store on a bench, gazing at the titles. And listening to the convos going on around's interesting to hear what everyone says out loud.


  16. I hardlly go to a book store anymore. Your post made me miss that. I think that I might just push my chair away from the computer and Amazon and visit one during the holidays. I used to love having coffee and just taking my time browsing.
    I never thought much about Nightshade. What a beautiful picture of those bright berries.
    Thanks for the visit.

  17. How nice that you have a book store like that to go to. The stores like that have left our area.

    it is interesting what you did with the lines/words you heard from those around you.

    such pretty berries.

  18. I love people watching, but you were people listening - how fun.

    I know what you mean about Stampington issues. I would love to buy them all. I sit with my phone and my stack of magazines and take pics of blogs I should read, ideas, etc.

  19. Hi Susie, it is so nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I just spent some time going through your blog and I love it - your photos are beautiful and I love your writing. Your little Pom is so mom has a honey-colored female Pom named LuLu and she is so sweet and adorable. I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog!

  20. Susie, what a beautiful post - it really struck something deep within me. The images are simply lovely as well.
    I'm still catching up on many of your recent posts.
    Take good care

  21. A wonderful wonderful post! Today I signed up and am now a follower of your blog. I also visited your Etsy shop and love the one Santa that is left there!!