Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Just in case anyone is just about to take a bite of their breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I am starting this off with a pretty picture of one of my new crepe/crape myrtle plants' flowers.  This crepe/crape myrtle has not yet "met the beetles".  In fact, it never managed to get planted into the ground and is still in its container, blooming happily as can be.

Do not look at the next photograph if insects make you queasy or are just too creepy for you!
                                        MEET THE BEETLES!  (Sorry, not THE Beatles)

This is a photo of my other crepe/crape myrtle. It managed to get planted out in the middle of the yard.  It is not even coming close to being in bloom yet.  It may never get a chance to bloom, if I can't fend off these Japanese beetles.  They have a voracious appetite. You can see how they have chewed it up.  I worry about spraying the plant with bug spray, as I would not like to get anything on the possible future blooms that would poison butterflies, bees, or hummingbirds. 

Last year I didn't see any Japanese beetles, but the year before that they were pretty bad.  Right now they are flocking to this crepe/crape myrtle and staying off of my roses, but I know it is just a matter of time.

I am spelling crepe/crape myrtle both ways because I have seen it spelled both ways many times.  I always thought it was crepe myrtle, but on the tag that came with the plants it said crape myrtle. So crepe, crape, cr...who knows? 

Oh, and one more thing:

These used to be one of my favorite sets of earrings. They were made by the 1928 Jewelry Co.  I always enjoyed their green, purple, gold iridescence, kind of like a Mardi Gras party on my ear lobes.  Funny, I just don't see them the same way now. 


I wish I would never have met the beetles.


  1. Japanese beetles are such a pain. Also hard and distasteful to get rid of them!
    The earrings are still pretty, though--although I do understand why you have gone off them for a bit.

  2. I feel your pain, truly I do. The bane of my life at the moment are the mullein moth caterpillars that are munching their way through all my verbascum {mullein} and can strip the plant of leaves overnight! I have found a good, pesticide free way of ridding myself of them. I gather them up and feed them to the blackbird who takes them for her brood. They are so well fed this year! Waving from Across The Pond, Deb in The Shire

  3. Those naughty beetles Susie!! Your crepe myrtles brought back sharp memories of my grandmother's garden where she had them planted lining the whole fence of a very large corner allotment and looked spectacular when they were all in bloom.

  4. I am so sorry about the beetles! Have you tried dish soap and water? Makes a film and bugs don't like the soap. I use it. Now, I don't have your beetles, but it might help?
    Made me laugh about your earrings! LOL!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  5. I have not seen any in the Metro east yet? but my hibiscus is getting ready to bloom and they seem to eat that. Love 1928 jewerly but I see your point!

  6. Oh how I hate the Japanese beetles. They can ruin any beautiful flowering bush. I love those earrings the colors are so pretty but it does match those beetles. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Ha ha! Quite a funny comparison ~ beetles and earrings!

  8. Oh no! Not the Japanese beetles! We had bug bags for them for a few years, and we caught hundreds of them, maybe thousands. However, I think we caught ALL the beetles in the neighborhood! We gave up! The swarms died down the next year, they must have gone to your neighborhood! ;) I wish you luck! I still think your earrings are beautiful!

  9. I dread the day they start coming here. You get everything looking nice and then they come in and destroy it. I was hoping for a year with few beetles, because of the bad winter. Would you keep them in Missouri please ;-)

  10. You have my complete sympathies. They have taken over here.