Sunday, February 14, 2016


It's Valentine's Day! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  

Snow is sifting down outside my window.  The little snowbirds are blown around like dried leaves when the wind gusts..  A large chattering of starlings are scratching in the snow for food, gossiping as they work.  I suppose that is why the dictionary refers to a group of starlings as a "chattering". The robins never left our neighborhood this year.  They search under every leaf in their quest for something to eat, and hunker low to the ground with each gust of wind.  They look miserable.

Please, Mother Nature, enough with the snow sifting!  It's close to 2 inches deep now. That's enough decorative snow. For me, when it comes to snow, less is more.

My husband and I are staying in today.  There is chili cooking and it smells good.  It is way too cozy in here to get out today and go to a restaurant for dinner.  
We babysat our grandson earlier this month.  It was so much fun.  He is at the age where he sometimes says such funny things.  He will be six in March. Our daughter, who is a nurse, was asking him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  "Maybe a doctor", she asked/suggested to him.  His reply was "When I grow up, I want to be a "plunger" like my daddy."  His daddy is a plumber. 
I baked a cake for my grandson the day we watched him.  As the cake baked, I had a brainstorm to make it into a Groundhog Day cake, even though we were a couple of days past G. hog day.  Since it was all spur of the moment, I had to use what was in the cupboard for my Groundhog Day cake decorations.  I used some soft caramels rolled in Nestle's Quik powder for the groundhog. The Quik was supposed to look like the little creature's fur.  I crumbled up a cookie to make the dirt around the G. hog hole, sifted powdered sugar over the cake's chocolate icing for snow, and stuck a candle in it just for fun. 

The cake looks pretty primitive in the picture and doesn't look like the amazing, enchanting cake that I had pictured it to be in my mind's eye. 

I was busy being underwhelmed as I looked at the cake.....and then my Grandson came into the dining room.  He took one look and was was so tickled by it.  He was laughing, and grinning, and so excited by such a simple cake. He loved the little groundhog and couldn't wait to blow out the candle for that little groundhog.  

Suddenly, the primitive looking cake, morphed right back into that amazing, enchanting cake that I had first seen in my mind's eye.  There I was, seeing The Groundhog Day Cake, through the eyes of an almost-six-year old, and it was wonderful.

I hope you are all having a lovely Valentine's Day.


  1. ... Hello Suzie..... I love your Groundhog pleased your grandson liked it too... we don't have this in Australia... I used to do fun things with my grandkids when I minded them... my grandkids are all grown up, some with children of their own... I don't do G-grandchild minding.... getting a bit old now.. lol XXX
    I like your header's beautiful... and your rose is gorgeous.. xxxx
    Have a good day... Hugs... Barb xxxx

  2. With a cake like that, he'll probably want to do groundhog day over and over again and again. ;)

  3. Your grandson is so cute. The cake looks good and I bet it was delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. love that groundhog cake! It is so adorable not only the cake but the idea of it, bet you are the most fun grandma.
    six years old, that's a really delightful age...there's still magic dust on everything! And you sprinkled a little but more!

    Can heartily agree with having had enough cold..surely it can't be much longer now 'til warm sunshine. The poor birds.

  5. Nice to see you! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! We got our first true snow fall today! We haven't been getting any snow! We aren't suppose to have an early Spring, but I don't know? I want to be a plunger too, when I grow up! LOL! Very cute! I love that cake!!!! You did a great job! I bet it tasted good too! Hugs!

  6. Hi Susie, thanks for visiting and following my blog. I am following you right back.
    Aren't grandchildren a blessing! My grandson asked my son-in-law "what farm do you work on?" ...his dad is a Pharmacist.. I thought that was so cute.
    Your groundhog cake is cute and looks good It doesn't matter if it was after groundhog day.
    Hope you will come back for a visit.


  7. What a cute post with the cake! I love the idea of a groundhog day cake! The are very common creatures here, I saw one in town last week munching at the city museum lawn! Have a great week!

  8. Hi, Susie...I don't know if you remember of Sweet Nothings..I was just looking back thru old posts and found you again. I was blocked out of my original blog so just started another one a few yrs back...
    Hope all is well with you. xo

  9. Susie dear, your banner is stunning! Did you know you light up my life?? :)
    I about fell of my chair at your little grandson's reply to his Mom. SO cute!!

  10. Susie dear, your banner is stunning! Did you know you light up my life?? :)
    I about fell of my chair at your little grandson's reply to his Mom. SO cute!!

  11. I love your groundhog cake...what fun! Your grandson so so cute!

  12. The groundhog cake does look like fun! I'm sure the snow has melted since this post...hope you are enjoying the beautiful green of summer!

  13. I am amazed at your ingenuity with the ground hog cake. Very cute! I think it turned out very well. Kids don't care about perfection anyway, and neither do I when it comes to cake decorating.