Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today I found these three Susan Branch calendars at a local discount store.   Each calendar--even the pocket size--has so many small details.  Names of the various full moons, Gladys Taber's birthday (April 12), recipes, and more.  I've enjoyed Susan Branch's work for years.  I am definitely set up with enough calendars now

Here's a summer to fall picture.  I believe this giant coffee pot is really old.  Isn't the blue and white spatter-swirl pattern pretty?  I don't know if this was used for large amounts of coffee or just hot water, but I use it in winter to fill the vaporizer with cool water.

I found the little blue and white "Made in England" tin at the same thrift store as the coffee pot, but on a different visit.  I've had the rooster for a few years now.
These are a couple of pictures in which you can see the wooden handle on the bail and how the pot looks with its lid.

Tomorrow I will decorate for Fall.  I can't wait.

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  1. What luck! Finding Susan Branch items, at a discount store! Lucky Lady you!!! :-)

    Since you like Susan Branch, you probably know that she has her own (delightful!!!) blog. But if you didn't know... Here is a click-able link to her blog. (I hope it's click-able)

    Gentle hugs,