Friday, October 12, 2012


Today is the 29th anniversary of our daughter's homecoming.  The term Gotcha Day has become controversial, but it is the term we have always used, and continue to do so. If we were just starting out, maybe it would have been called Homecoming Day instead. When the kids were little, we always tried to do  just a little something extra fun on their day. 

How quickly the years have melted one into another.  Seasons in life--ours and hers.

Our daughter - Sweet Baby.  This was after her first bottle at home.  It had been a long trip from South Korea to home.

Our pretty little daughter.

She is wearing  a beautiful Korean traditional two-piece dress called a HanBok.  This picture was taken at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.

Sweet Daughter--the Big Sister and little "Brudder", as she used to call him.

Sweet Daughter--Still big sister but little "Brudder" has grown up and so has she. Now he's big brother.  This was taken at our daughter's wedding.

And then our beautiful daughter became a bride.  The bride and groom.

And now our Sweet Daughter has become a good mama with a Sweet Baby Son of her own, and the years just keep melting one into another.

Happy "Gotcha Day", Sweetie!


  1. Happy, Happy Day to your lovely daughter!

    What a super-wonderful post. Lovely things, to share with your Dear Blog Readers. Just lovely.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. what a wonderful story and how blessed you are! Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Yep, in St. Louis too! I normally dig up my Dahlia's but did not last year and with the mild winter they came back!
    GO CARDS...the town is so fun with a great atmosphere this time of year.

  3. Oct. 14th

    In your comment in my blog, you said that your library system no longer carries Gladys Taber books. So sad. How can this wonderful author (now gone from us) gain no readers, if her books are no longer available for people to find, in their library? -sigh-

    Glad you got reprints, from Amazon! You can still appreciate her and enjoy her. :-)

    And perhaps, if you do a post on her, some time.... You can introduce her to possible new readers? :-) It's fun to blog something, and have people say; "Never heard of this, but I'm going to check it out."