Thursday, October 11, 2012

Every Picture Tells A Story--But A Note On The Back Says Even More

Isn't this the cutest old print?  I believe that it is from the early 1940's.  A sweet friend of mine bought it for me at a local Antique Mall several years ago.  I've had it on the wall ever since. 
Not only is it named Susie,
but it had this interesting note written on the  paper covering the back of the frame.  It is written in pencil, so it was faded and hard to get a picture of. Someone at some point had cut open the paper on the back of the frame. I suppose they must have been searching for anything hidden there. In the years that I have had it, it tore to the point of falling out.  The note says "Bought by Daddy in Chicago".   It has always made me wonder if  the picture was bought for  a little girl named Susie.  Where did she live?   Why was her Daddy in Chicago? Maybe on business or did he come through Chicago on his way home during or after World War II?  That is the era the print is from. I like the note as much as the picture and keep it in a ziploc bag taped to the back of the picture.

Here is another "Susie" cat. I think it looks like the same kitten in the picture, only a grown cat.  I know this kitty is kind of 1980's style, but my husband's sweet mama made it and gave it to us when they downsized into an apartment.  When I picked up the kitty and was trying to get it in a good place for the picture, Fuzzy got the bright idea that it was going to become a new doggie toy for him.  So he jumped up on the couch and kind of surrounded it.  You can kind of see the "attitude" in his expression.  I did not let him have the kitty, but he continues to stalk it.  He never even paid any attention to it for all the years we had him, until now.  Pommies are so funny and a tad stubborn, but in a cute way.  If he's not careful, I'll put a red ribbon on him, too.


  1. Oh, oh, yes! That note on the back, is wonderful. It adds so much, to the whole thing. I'm so happy you have found it, and saved it.

    What sweet questions it conjures up..... Who were these people and what was "their story"? :-) One thing for sure, the Daddy loved his little girl. :-)

    And have to chuckle at Fuzzy! His little black eyes, turned "green"... Seeing you paying so much attention to the sweet toy kitty! And wasn't gonna' take this, "lying down."

    LOVE your decor, from the teeny bit I see of the couch/pillow in the pic. Perhaps some time, you'll show us a bit more of your home? Not so much, that it makes you uncomfortable! We are putting our blogs out there, on the World Wide Net, and we do have to be somewhat careful of what we reveal.

    But just what you are comfortable with showing...

    It's always fun for me, to get a peek into the life of a Dear Reader Blogging Friend. :-)


  2. Fuzzy and both Kitties and the puppies are all so cute. i love the old print, and the note!