Saturday, November 10, 2012


Indian Summer
Gold, garnet, bronze, clear blue.
Spirits of the Ancient Ones
In gusts of leaves
gathering before the snows.


The first frost coated the yard a few days ago.  Then cold November rains came.  Now we have Indian Summer.  Gold, garnet, and bronze glow against a clear blue sky.  It's 81 degrees.  Wind gusts carry flocks of leaves in every direction.

As I gathered a few pretty leaves, acorns, nuts (pecans?), and persimmons, I was thinking about those who came before us.  How could the Ancients be sure there would be enough food to last through winter?

Acorns ground into flour, persimmons and berries dried, leaves and wild herbs gathered for teas and medicine.  There was so much to be done before winter set in.

What a blessing this time of year we call Indian Summer must have been, only a few days respite before being plunged into winter.
My grandson was too busy to do any "gathering" with me. We were having fun with sticks.
This beautiful Indian Summer day was over too quickly.
In case you were wondering, I found the arrowheads shown in this post along the bluffs of the Mississippi River through the years as I was growing up.  The one that looks pink in the photo really is pink. 


  1. It was beautiful yesterday! more yard work planned for today, enjoy your adorable grandson.

  2. ohhh I remembered the cliffs of the river. Missisipi . Enyoy your beautiful and adorable granson

  3. All gorgeous photos.

    Including the smiling *cuttie pie,* who is having fun with sticks!