Monday, November 5, 2012


Since many of us had the Daylight Savings Time change this weekend, I thought you might like to see some interesting wooden gear clocks.  This is my Dad's collection of wooden geared clocks that he made.  My dad is a retired carpenter. He started designing and making these clocks in the late 1990's as a hobby.

They are powered by a weight pulling the chain downward.  The links in the chain catch in the teeth of the gear and that gear moves another which moves the clock hands.  They are wound once a day by pulling down on the chain.




This clock is designed to look like a windmill. Did you see the little windmill by 3:00?

All but one of the clocks are accurate to about a minute per day.

My dad's clocks are easy to reset, but I still haven't changed the time on all of the clocks in my home yet, so it's as if we have different time zones from room to room, depending on how difficult the clock is to reset.  I should probably get on that now.  Sorry I couldn't collage these for you, but the collage monkey and I weren't getting along today.
I hope you liked seeing the clocks.


  1. OH my gracious!!!!!! What a fantastic wood worker, is your father. (Or was he, if he has passed on...) Simply wonderful.

    Must show this post to my wood-working husband. Oh he will really, really, really appreciate them!


    Gentle hugs,

  2. Hi Susie, thank you for your sweet comment and kind words and I'll be sure to check in and watch your posts during my break.

    Your Dad is BRILLIANT , these clocks are really something. My admiration for his talent is HUGE, and I'm agog at how stunningly beautiful they are!! Please be sure to tell him. Honestly if this is the sheer beauty he can weave with wood and mechanics, I would love to see some photos of what he built as a carpenter. I have special interest in (wood) and (buildings) - I have helped (hands on) build 3 houses and I come from a long line of carpenters in the family.
    Good wishes to you and yours Susie.

  3. Ohhhh your father is genius and brilliant. Reallly really your father is very inteligent. I love your blog. You have a New follówer from Chile

  4. the only word I can think of ...just beautiful. Blessings sweetie and thank you for your kind words :)