Saturday, October 27, 2012


Public Domain Photo
That is an Eastern Screech Owl.  We have been hearing his/her trilling, whinnying, screech this past week in our backyard in the early morning just before daylight.  Screech owls are adorably small, a little bigger than an adult's hand. We have an old  hollow maple tree in the yard, along with a ginkgo and the two persimmon trees.  I hope that little Mr. or Mrs. Screech is setting up housekeeping in the old maple.
Persimmon Masquerading as a Japanese Lantern

I believe that Screech is here because of these persimmons.  I know that the persimmons attract all sorts of animals because when they are ripe, they are sweet and very tasty.  Screech has come to dine on what has come to dine on the persimmons. 
Plethora of Persimmons at Persimmon Moon Cottage

Persimmons are also called possumwood.  Now there is a descriptive name.  At different times we have seen possums, raccoon, and once a fox, in and near the persimmon trees.  I don't know if they were here for the persimmons, or just passing through.

Some cultures believe that if certain animals start turning up, out of the blue, in your everyday life experiences, there is some symbolic link to what's happening in your life at that time.  I love it when Nature allows me to catch a glimpse (or sound of) any creature that I don't normally get to experience, be it snake, owl, possum, fox, etc.  C'mon Nature,  "Make my day."

Fun facts:  A group of owls together is called a parliament of owls.  Isn't that a hoot?
                  Screech owls will bathe and drink from a birdbath.

Do you want to know exactly what an Eastern Screech Owl sounds like?  Google Owl  Click on SOUND.  It woke my little dog , Fuzzy, up every time I played it!


  1. Hi Susie, thanks for all your comments at 'my place' and I was telling my other half about your screech owl, and he was familiar with the little fellow. I really hope you're lucky enough to get a photo of "your" special owl. I adore owls, they are so mystical and unusual.
    PS: I'm not that familiar with all of the states of USA but I'm assuming your area is safe from the Hurricane? and if you have family or friends in the potential affected areas, I hope they will all remain safe.

    1. Thanks Susie, that was a great follow-up of info... :)

  2. We have screech owls too...scream in the middle of the night and I sit straight up in bed! We see 2 very large owls at night..thought they were the screech owl? Had no idea screech owl's are small? Will have to figure out what kind those owls are!

  3. Owls have always frightened me...their big ole eyes, I guess. :)

  4. I did not know they were called a parliament. Learn something new everyday!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this. I love owls. Wish we had one in our little woods.

  6. Were you ever a teacher? I learned so much from your post! Thanks. Your persimmons are beautiful. Glad to meet another blogger from the midwest! Newest follower!