Thursday, February 21, 2013


Over the years I have collected several antique post cards. I have them framed and hanging on the wall.  I had to take them off the wall and out of their frames for pictures, because there is not enough light where they hang and there were problems with reflections in the glass that covers them.  I am usually drawn to cards featuring Dutch children.  I started collecting them because they are cute with my Delftware plates.  The tiny ceramic Dutch kids seem to be pretty old, so I thought I'd include them in this close up.

I love these little girls holding the big delftware jug and looking into it.  There was no writing on the back of this card. The first couple of pictures have reflection problems, but after I took the picture out of the frame, the details on the card show up better.

Here is what I think is a rather funny picture of a Dutch brother and sister carrying a pail. Look at the tilt of that little pre-teen girl's head. It looks like she just finished doing the "eye roll thing" that so many kids have perfected. There was writing on the back of this card, but for some reason it wouldn't show in the pictures I took. The card was mailed in 1909.

Here is another cute Dutch boy and girl. These kids are in a better mood. Once again, no writing on this one.

This little Dutch boy is dressed a little more colorfully. The note on the written side of this 1909 post card looks as if  the writer either changed their mind about what they wanted to say, or the post card was recycled. If you look closely, you can see where words have been erased and written over.

I love this 1906 postcard with the little girls posing in the freshly plowed field.  They look so sweet. They are not Dutch, but they are what I imagine my and my husband's grandmas would have looked like. I liked the message on the other side of the card.

This is my favorite. It is from 1906.  It normally hangs over the telephone in our kitchen, but there was not enough light there to take a picture.The little girl has climbed onto a tall chair to call her Mama.   "Hello, Mama!" . How fun it would be able to call my mom and say "Hello Mama"!  and tell her about her little great-grandson, and how her grand kids are turning out.  I  believe that she is watching over us, but it sure would be good to hear her voice again.  


  1. I love old post cards, and these are especially adorable :)

  2. Oh sweetie, I too adore old postcards. Your collection is wonderful! I don't think I have ever seen ones with Dutch children. They are so unique and do go lovely with your collection. I have never thought of framing mine. I have made a garland out of vintage postcards and hang it as a valance in my bathroom walk in closet window. I've also strung some Chritmas ones. I really like the idea of framing them.

  3. these cards are absolutely precious!!! Had to laugh about the eye-rolling thing. That girl looks like she had it with her brother!
    I too have collected post card, and just realized the other day, that one looks like my kitty Lulu. The card came before her.
    It is fun to read the back of the cards.
    Are you getting more snow? I am sooo ready for spring!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. What a fun collection of postcards. Reading those gives you a peak into the past. How people lived their lives, just in a different block of time. I think they are so interesting. I have several old photograph postcards, but I think these are prettier.

    I am really enjoying your blog!

  5. Hi Susie, visiting you after your lovely comments on my blog. The blue and white china photographs remind me of my grandparents. They are still both living but don't live close to me so I don't see them as often as I would like. They're house has every wall and surface covered. Lots of pictures, crafts and blue and white china. It was as though the photos were of their house and brought a lot of happy, homely thoughts!

  6. Awe, these are so beautiful!! I think of them as works of art very worthy of framing! Thanks for sharing your collection.

  7. I love the old vintage post cards and the fact that they have messages and were actually sent to brighten someones day is so amazing...The little Dutch girl and boy are the sweetest ever, I loved reading them am your newest follower and I will be back again to your sweet blog...

  8. Hi Susie,

    So nice to meet you! Your postcards are charming! I love the one with the brother and sister on the beach, probably because I can relate to it, living here on the island. They really do look alike, don't they?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope to see you again!

    Poppy :)