Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It has just started to be warmer here over the past two or three days. Last week we had a late Easter egg hunt here at our house for our three year old grandson. Grandma and Grandpa Easter bunny had hidden the eggs, forgotten how many we had hidden, and where all of them were hidden. We thought our grandson had found them all, but apparently he did not.

Here is what happens when the Easter Squirrel finds missed eggs.  See the big hole he/she chewed in the plastic egg. The Easter Squirrel must have thought it was an amazingly giant peach-colored nut of some kind. And something big was rattling around inside.  So you can see the teeth marks and the hole he/she made.  Apparently, he/she doesn't like chocolate eggs or chocolate coins because that is what was inside of it, and the chocolate hasn't been touched by teeth. I sure would have liked to have seen that Easter Squirrel carrying that peach colored egg  to where he/she had been chewing on it, and the chagrin on the Easter Squirrel's face  when he/she found chocolates instead of a big nut inside.
Here is my little gardening grand with his Mickey Mouse garden gloves, and Mickey Mouse gardening tools. The Old Easter Bunnies  put them in his basket. I think that it may be a while before I turn him loose near my tulips or hyacinths--look at that claw tool!

My Oops!-almost-forgot-to-plant tulips are coming up pretty well. And the hyacinths I planted at the same time are just peeking up. Still so small that I used big pink arrows to point them out. You can see the chicken wire to keep the Easter Squirrel and the neighbor kitty off of them. The poor little crocus that managed to come up were so small that I couldn't get down low enough to get a decent picture of them. The blooms are about the size of the wild purple violets that are in our yard, or maybe even smaller. Only a few came up. All winter something (perhaps the Easter Squirrel) had been digging holes right where we planted the bulbs. I think the Easter Squirrel likes crocus bulbs better than chocolate candy. OH HAPPY SPRING!


  1. Your grandson is a cutie. And he already likes to share. He shared his Easter candy with the squirrel.

  2. Happy Spring to you too friend ...that little one is a sweetie for sure and for certain. Grands make the holidays so much more fun. Hope that nosy squirrel didn't digest that plastic...he will have one bad belly ache. Blessings

  3. We have been lucky with the weather. Hope your ok tonight with the weather.

  4. Your grandson is adorable. Our weather has been summer like, but we are going to have a couple of cool down days. Typical spring.

  5. Susie, little man is so cute! Love his gloves and tools. It seems that we always find one missed Easter egg every year. I baby sat my 3 year old granddaughter the other day and she spied an egg in the neighbors yard. lol! That squirrel doesn't know what it's missing when it passed up the surprise inside.

  6. What a great time of life when they are so tiny and looking for those Easter eggs. He is just adorable..
    We have a squirrel, actually a pair of them, that live in our back yard area or nearby. They come..or rather he does, to raid the birdfeeder. :) Yep..must have been a disappointed little squirrel after all that work. Chewing through plastic must have been a bit of work.
    Easter went by in a blur this year..perhaps next year..
    Thank you so much for stopping by. Are Pom's the sweetest dogs in the world?? :):)

  7. I just love Easter and all the memories that go with it. Your little grandson is precious. Isn't it fun to see the world through his eyes?
    I have so enjoyed looking through some of your past posts...I find we have a many similarities..I made so many Santas out of paper mache and a Mrs. Butterworth bottle...years ago. I'll look it up and send you the link if I can find it.

  8. Me again....I just found it....

  9. Your little grandfella is just adorable ...oh, aren't we so blessed to be chosen as grandmothers...I so love being a mom and a memaw.:)

  10. East those plastic eggs always seem to have 1 or 2 left behind. This year I only had 6 large plastic large ones for each of our 2 grands. We did an egg hunt and egg coloring when we visited them in RI and it was as much fun for us minus the chocolates. That squirrel must have been surprised! Thanks for the visit and comment to The Frog & PenguINN as it's nice to meet a new fellow blogger.

  11. What a little cutie your grandson is! That silly squirrel clearly doesn't know a good thing (chocolate) when he sees it!


  12. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog and sweet comments.

    Your grandson is a cutie pie.
    How funny that the squirrel would eat the plastic egg instead of the chocolate.

  13. Oh those rotten Easter Squirrels! I think I will borrow your idea this Fall when planting bulbs, and put down some chicken wire. I normally put bricks on top of the bulbs I've planted and then pull them off in January, but this year they were frozen to the ground. All of my tulips will be very late blooming! Oh, and your grandson is a cutie pie!