Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Here he is!  "Thugs Bunny".  He's not the big, eye-browed bunny from my last post.  "Thugs"  doesn't have eyebrows and is much smaller.  Yesterday, I looked out my front door just in time to see "Thugs Bunny" sit up tall next to one of my tulips and bite the whole flower right off the stem!  I quickly got my camera, opened the storm door a bit, and snapped this picture.  The evidence (my pretty big red tulip) is right there by him.  He paused a moment to look at me, just as I snapped the picture.  I could have gotten more pictures, except Fuzzy stuck his head out of the door, saw "Thugs" and started his wacky Pom barking.  "Thugs Bunny" then hopped away and I couldn't get another good pic.

Last week we had two warm Spring days.  I took these pictures of our Red (it looks pink to me) Dogwood tree in full bloom.

I think dogwood blossoms are such a beautiful shape with the nipped-in tips of their petals.

Below is a picture I took yesterday in the late afternoon.  Yesterday was very gloomy. The light was the same from dawn until dusk...grayish and overcast.  I was outside checking to see what else "Thugs Bunny" might have eaten. I had my camera with me.  I carry it with me a lot these days.  I heard the strangest bird song. One I had never heard before.  It was coming from high up in the sycamore tree.  It was a biggish bird, bigger than a robin or cardinal,  but too far away for me to see what kind of bird it was. It seemed to be a yellowish color, but there wasn't enough light for that to show up in the picture.

I thought that maybe if I took a picture of it, I could crop until it enlarged the image so I could identify the bird. I was only able to get a few pics before a gang of robins attacked the bird and chased it away.  As I was trying to see where that bird went, I missed a beautiful shot of a long legged, long necked crane or heron flying over.  Anyway...this is a strange picture of a strange bird.  If anyone can recognize birds from their silhouette, please let me know what you think this may have been.

I keep hoping for true, warm spring to arrive. We are almost through "snowball winter", when the globes of blossoms on the snowball bushes turn white.  Soon it will be warm, and we can all play in the dirt and grow our plants.  It's almost here....Happy Spring!.


  1. Beautiful morning here in metro St Louis, now it is RAINING!!!!

  2. Oh that naughty hare for nibbling on your red tulip. Your Dogwood tree is gorgeous! I wish they grew large and lovely here. I was fortunate enough to visit the Carolinas a few years ago when they were putting on a show. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Stating to get my hands into dirt around here and I am loving it!

  3. Susie! I haven't been by in ever such a long time! I've just been through all of your previous posts that I haven't visited and there's some beautiful photos and sharings. Your grandson is as gorgeous as ever. You must be pleased for the warmer weather.
    I'm so pleased I've caught up with all of your happenings.

  4. I'm your new follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog. That rabbit sure must have been hungry
    the little rascal. Beautiful Dogwood Tree, I love them.
    Your furry baby is so cute.
    Have a great Mothers Day.

  5. Never knew that rabbits liked to eat flowers and wonder if it was a tasty as well as colorful treat. The rabbits we've seen in yard never even went into the large gardens when we had them, but preferred to munch away on the grass and clover. Enjoy your Mother's Day weekend.

  6. I guess those little guys have to eat too. However, they should take a lesson from Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny..messing with someones pretty flowers can be dangerous.
    Yes, I can hear that little "Pom" bark because I hear it when the mailman comes on our porch or if kitties that do not belong in Mele's yard get brave enough to come and taunt her from the top of the fence.
    Such pretty pictures..simply lovely!!

  7. OOO, I love your great photos...cute little rabbits...shame on them for eating flowers...:))

  8. I also have rabbits out in the yard and I toss
    carrots almost every morning...Really nice
    I also wanted to thank you for your visit to
    my blog and for your comments.. yes I do believe
    your kitty came to see you. I've seen a few loved
    ones (humans) come back as shadows and truly believe
    'they' want us to know their ok.. This little girl kitty
    of mine, she has not done that yet but I'm finding all
    sorts of things from her.. hair, toys etc.. I have a new
    appreciation for those who have lost long standing
    pets... 18 years is a long time.
    Thanks again

  9. We have lots of cottentails that hop around our yard, and I especially enjoy the baby bunnies in the Spring. Except that my one cat like to hunt them, and then that can be a surprise on the doorstep when we go outside. Poor bunnies. You were fortunate to get such a good picture, I can never manage to do so. Your Dogwood is beautiful!! I was excited that my lilacs were blooming, but have noticed that the bushes are not producing as much flowers this year as in some past years. I think because of the super dry winter. I cannot name your bird, but it is a coll picture. I had bought a bird book years ago and would put a sticky note on the page of the bird with the date I saw it for the first time on it. That was kind of a fun record and then I could read all about it, but somehow the book had been misplaced. Better look for it!

  10. following you now......love the rabbit. The blossom is beautiful, Dogwood is just lovely.

  11. HI...stopping over to return your visit to my blog : ) I didn't know that bunnies ate tulip blossoms! Of course I did not know that starlings ate marigolds until I saw one do it right before my very eyes! :)

  12. You have a lovely dogwood--now if you can just keep it away from Thugs!

  13. Hi Susie, what beautiful dogwood photos! We have rabbits too but I have never been able to get a good picture of them. Thugs looks like a mischievious bunny! Your dog is adorable, I love Pomeranians. I have a big 80 lb. golden retriever who "thinks" he is a pomeranian. His name is Barkley and he is my joy. It is so funny when you see a big dog who thinks he is a little dog. As long as he can get his head in your lap, he completely forgets about where the rest of his body is! :) Have a nice and restful evening ahead! Delisa :)

  14. Rabbits don't last long around here. Between the dog and the .22, they don't stick around long enough to bother my gardens. I love seeing them everywhere else, though. Too much time and money spent on the gardens to enjoy them there. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. Thanks for visiting and commenting Susie. Love the bugs bunny pic.

  16. I love the pictures! Your little bunny friend is mighty cute! Around Easter each year, we most always see a bunny near our driveway, that we have decided is the Easter bunny. ;)

    Your dogwood is so pretty! I love dogwood. I'm like you - it looks pink to me, too - I need one like that!

  17. Thanks so much for stopping by and for becoming a Follower!! I have returned the favor and added your blog to my blog rolls...
    Love that sweet bunny and yes, the blue flowers are lobelia.... They are doing well so far but we are in a heat wave so I need to keep watering them sometimes twice a day....
    Thanks so much for your support and encouragement on my Weight Loss journey. If I can do it, Anyone can.....