Thursday, August 14, 2014


Written Wednesday night, August 13, 2014 -

"How far do tear gas fumes travel?", that is what I was Googling a few minutes ago.  I still haven't found an exact answer, but I will research more a little later.

I live in one of the older, small cities in the suburbs near St. Louis.  About 10 miles from here there are protests in the streets taking place. At the core of it all, is that a young man was killed in a police incident this weekend.  He was unarmed.  As of tonight, neither the police department of that municipality, nor of the county, have released very much official information about the incident. People are protesting in the streets.  It is about 10:00 Wednesday night and tear gas canisters and rubber bullets are being fired toward a group of protesters, and from what it looked like on TV news, dense clouds of tear gas are blowing into people's yards and toward their homes.  Police officers are sitting on the top of military-type armored vehicles aiming large automatic weapons toward the people on the streets.  Yesterday, according to news reports, air space over that suburban area was closed.

News reporters are being arrested, and other reporters are being told "no video".  There were reports of flash bang grenades going off.  Some would say that the protesters should go home. Some would say that they have the right to gather in the streets to protest. The police said that all protesters should be off of the streets well before dark.  There has been no official curfew set by the elected officials in that municipality or county. I imagine that will change by tomorrow night. 

On the first night of the protests there was looting and destruction.  There were quite a few arrests that night.  The people who were arrested for the looting that night were from a different area, not from that municipality.

One channel just reported that "tear gas continues to "waft" through the air in Ferguson, MO".  "Waft",  really?  That sounds more like a Glade Air Freshener. 

A reporter sent here by a well-known national newspaper remarked that he was surprised that this was a suburban area.  Yes, it is in a suburban area.  It's just a smallish, kind of old fashioned, left behind by urban-to-suburban-to-even-more-suburban sprawl, suburban municipality.  It is a place with many 1940's through 1960's homes, apartments, churches, and fast food places. Not what I would describe as a scary area. 

When I first switched on the news tonight the TV sound was muted.  I saw the clouds of tear gas, flash grenade bursts,  and an armored military vehicle, I wondered what country we were sending troops to now.   And then I realized...I know that road, I have been on it before, and it is not that far from where I live!  That at first unrecognized, tear gas clouded, flash grenade lit place is my country. And that is frightening!

Now, back to Googling my tear gas question.


  1. I read this a few hours ago and have been trying to gather my thoughts. At first, I thought you were blogging about a WWI poem, but no! Such a shock to read that this is happening so near to you. You must be terrified. I pray it will soon be over and all will return to normal, but how does normality return to 'normal' when something like this happens so close to home? What an odd choice of wording ~waft~ and as you say it sounds like an air freshener! Above all, please, be safe!

  2. Sobering. I force myself to watch the news anymore. I gave it up completely for a while, but it is too easy to become complacent living in a quiet rural community. Be safe.

  3. So sorry to hear that this is happening so close to you. I hope and pray that you stay safe and that this ends real soon. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. Susie, that was a factual but hypnotising narrative on events happening in your very own area. It's worrying and sad.
    Thinking of you.

  5. How frightening. They have every right to protest and make their point..but the problem is that we still have not heard that officers side of the story...What a mess. Please be careful and stay off the far away as you can. I think I would leave the area until the whole thing calms down. It's brought out the thugs..and criminals...not good. Do be careful...okay?

  6. I don't watch TV, and only catch some news on the Internet, but I've heard about this. It must be very disturbing to you happening right in your mist. I pray things have pretty much settled since you typed this post. So much evil is happening in our world this day and time. And unfortunately as you know, it sometimes comes all to close to home. Blessings and peace my friend