Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Oh,  I heard it once more on the news today!   "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" referring to the men and women serving in our military;  spoken by one of our high ranking political appointees and (not ranking, just rank, as in offensive)  newscasters.    Every time I hear this phrase used by politicians or newscasters in reference to our military personnel I become angry.

"BOOTS ON THE GROUND" is a disrespectful, dehumanizing, and minimizing phrase too often spoken by those in political office and those reporting the news.   Why do they think it is OK to  refer to our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and loved ones as merely "Boots On The Ground"?  It is not, in my opinion, OK; and it needs to be stopped.  Immediately.   Edit that phrase out and find something more reflective of  the fact that these are human lives being put on the line and not "BOOTS .....".

Whoever came up with this term as a catch phrase,  and those who continue to use it;  you know, those talking "BUTTS ON THE CHAIRS",  need to feel the full force of an actual boot right on their behind.  If it wasn't for the men and women who have worn,  and are wearing, those "Boots On The Ground", that they so carelessly refer to, they might not be in their cushy political or news reporting positions right now.

My rant is over.  Thank you for reading.  Over and out.


  1. Rant all you like ~ it is a vile phrase. Start one of those online petitions maybe? Someone has to make the first move.

  2. Susie, I hear you. Its an awful phrase.
    I didnt mean to delete your comment on my blog by the way ~ just an accident, pressed the wrong key on mymy laptop and it had gone!


  3. It needed saying. Thank you. And may the Butts in Chairs listen!

  4. Amen Susie. Wonderful post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

    ― Henry Kissinger

    I totally agree with you. This is what many elitist government officials think of our military men and women. It is a world I do not understand. I am totally with you!

  6. ... I agree with you Susie..... it's a very disrespectful phrase....
    I don't read newspapers any more because of all the nastiness they contain...
    Hugs.... barb xxx

  7. I was married to a career Marine for 43 years. From the time he was 20 until he died in 1997. He served a tour in Korea at 18 years old and three tours in Vietnam. Had I heard that "catch phrase" back then..while my seven little ones and I sat fearful of the base Commander's car to pulling in our drive, and while we sat in front of the TV at night watching our young men being rushed wounded to waiting helicopters..I'm afraid I would have been storming some TV station. As it was it was bad enough having the country down on our men in the Military, and treating their families with disrespect. Yes. It needs to stop. It's dehumanizing! I agree!
    Actually I think an apology is still in order. Just my take on it.

  8. I agree it does sound a bit smallish... I believe they could find a better phrase as well.. they are important they put their lives in the front all the time for each and everyone of us.. blessings with love Janice

  9. I don't like it either, Susie...there's so many phrases being used now that I don't like. In fact, there's so much STUFF going on in or world now that keeps me about half mad most of the time. I don't watch news nearly as much as I used to so that I won't get in a bad mood. Hillery Clinton is about to drive me nuts !!