Thursday, February 23, 2017


It has been a week and one day since Fuzzy had his doggie dental surgery.  He ended up having nine teeth removed.  

He is a little eleven year old,  8 1/2 lb. Pomeranian and has a delicate trachea which is easily irritated so I was worried about the intubation that they did during anesthesia. We dropped him off at the vet's just a little before 9 am. They said they would call and let us know how he was at 2 pm, and he could come home somewhere between 3 or 4 after they were certain that he was wide awake and safe to come home.

At about 1:30 pm they called and said we could come and get him.  He was awake and ready to come home. We left home immediately to go and pick him up and as we got out of the car to go into he vet's we could hear him barking. We were on the parking lot and hadn't even gone inside yet.  I couldn't believe it was him barking, but it was.  Apparently the intubation  hadn't hindered his ability to bark.  No wonder they called us to come and get him so quickly. He was really making a racket.  We have never left him anywhere before.  He was overjoyed that we came back for him.  

Once he was home,  it became clear that he was still feeling the effects of the anesthesia. His normally curled up bushy tail was drooping. He kept licking his lips and front paws.  I imagine his mouth was feeling strange.  He was also pacing and acting agitated.  He was a little wobbly in the hind legs, so we had to block his favorite chair so he wouldn't try to jump up on it. And then he started making a wheezing noise.  That worried me that his trachea may have been swelling. So I called the vet's office to check if there was anything we should do or watch out for.  I even took the name and number of an emergency after hours vet. When I started preparing dinner for my husband and I,  the sound I thought was wheezing was getting worse.  Then Fuzzy started begging for his food.  It turns out he wasn't wheezing after all, but with his throat irritation that was the sound of him whining for his food.  Earlier, when he was making that sound I guess he was whining because he didn't feel good and wanted me to help him.  He had to wait a little longer for his food according to the vet's instructions, but when I gave him very small servings of pureed chicken, smashed boiled potatoes, and  cottage cheese with most of the curds mashed out of it, he ate very slowly, but ate every bit of it, except for a few curds that must have been too hard for his sore mouth. It was a couple of days before he could pick up any of his dog toys without his gums hurting, making him yelp in pain.

By day four he was pretty much back to normal.  Fuzzy always loves to spin. Usually he pirouettes his way out of rooms instead of just walking away. It was day four before he felt like spinning.  One week after having his dental work he is feeling really good.  He has no more of the bad odor that he had before his teeth were taken care of.  He is running, playing, pirouetting, and able to pick up his ball and his toys. His eyes are bright and he is really full of zip. Today he decided my husband had enough sleep and ran down the hall and jumped up and pounced his front paws against the door hard enough to pop it open and wake my husband.

I am thankful that we could afford to have his teeth taken care of at this time. He seems to feel better than he had been feeling. Before the doggie dentistry he never did have problems eating or seem to be in pain, and certainly wasn't lethargic, but the odor coming from his mouth was really bad. His blood work showed high levels of inflammation in his body. I believe it was just a matter of time, and probably not too long, that he would have been having very serious, emergency problems from his teeth.  

It is a big decision to have procedures done on your dog (or cat), especially when they are older or have some medical issue, but for Fuzzy I think it worked out to be a healthier choice for him.


  1. I am so glad things worked out well for Fuzzy. It sounds like he's got a neat personality. I had a Terrapoo who lived to 15. When he passed, it felt like the end of an era—especially since we'd gotten him while I was expecting my daughter.
    Be blessed and enjoy your baby!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. So happy for Fuzzy! Thanks for letting us know! Big Hugs!

  3. Hi Susie :)

    I'm so glad your baby Fuzzy is doing well. Surgery is especially tough on the little ones.

    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words.


  4. Fuzzy is soooo cute! Glad he is back to being himself. I laughed at you saying he did pirouettes. Our papillon does the same thing! All of our dogs are getting up there in age. I hope they don't get teeth problems It's always something!

  5. I've found it's always worth having dental issues attended to, they look happier afterwards. Trust Fuzzy has fully recovered - he is a sweet little fellow!

  6. I've found it's always worth having dental issues attended to, they look happier afterwards. Trust Fuzzy has fully recovered - he is a sweet little fellow!

  7. What a beautiful post and I am so glad that Fuzzy came though his dental surgery with flying colours. You are such a loving dog mum; it brought tears to my eyes seeing how much you love and care for him. I love all the details that you share including his wheezy whine, so cute! He is a beautiful boy :)

  8. Beautiful flowers (other posts) and grandson! Our beagle died last spring...but I always worry about the medical expenses. It seems vets charge more than doctors these days. (cute dog name..ha) Andrea

  9. Glad Fuzzy is doing ok. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  10. Dear Susie
    Fuzzy is a little trooper!
    Did you have pet insurance? I know it's very costly here!
    Please tell Fuzzy I'm having horrible dental work at the moment - it's inevitable as we get older. I sympathise with him.
    He's a braves little man.
    Shane x

  11. I'm so glad that everything went so well and that Fuzzy is home and doing well.

  12. Such a sweet little dog! Glad the surgery went well and Fuzzy is back to his normal self. My little dog, Kai likes to spin, too! I think they are related! They look alike, except mine is white and an American Eskimo. Dental work is never fun. Hope you are enjoying some springtime weather soon. Sending hugs xo Karen

  13. He is so cute.
    i am happy for him that he got his surgery done so well.

  14. Happy your sweet dog made it through the dental surgery ok . . .
    Such a worry isn't it.
    I hope he will continue to do well . . .
    Our Snickers is 11 1/2 years old too.
    She has had her teeth cleaned twice.
    No extractions though.
    We almost lost her last year but she has been
    as spunky as ever now for many months.
    Enjoy your adorable Fuzzy . . .

  15. It's such a worry when your pets are unwell and hard decisions have to be made so I'm glad that it has worked out well for Fuzzy. I used to get very upset when my dogs were poorly and for this reason I think my husband is pleased that we no longer have a pet. (But I would go out and buy one tomorrow!)

  16. Since you found my blog I had to check out yours and am enjoying it very much.
    I am glad the dental surgery went well for your dog. I miss my cat and sometimes feel guilty for not having him treated, but I didn't have the money for expensive procedures and meds so had to let nature take its course.

  17. Dentist ... So happy to hear you all came through the surgery fine.
    I must say Fuzzy is so very cute ! what a sweet face. Happy he is feeling so much better !

    cheers, parsnip

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am pleased that Fuzzie came through his surgery ok, it is such a worry when your pets are noty well.

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  20. How wonderful that it all turned out fine!!!!

    And now he will have many more happy years, with you. :-)

    And such a cutie he is.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  21. I am so thankful everything turned out well with your little fur baby. It is very worrisome when they are elders. I miss my sweet Jessie. She was such a sweetheart. Blessings 🍁🍡

  22. Our male boxer has a hard time coming out of the effects of anesthesia and the vet has now had to reduce it a bit when he has dental appts. Furry children are so special. Glad your little one is okay now!! xo

  23. so glad he is doing well now

  24. I noticed you have not post in quite some time. I hope and pray all is well with you. Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy new year. Madeline

  25. I'm glad he is doing so much better and is healing well. :)

  26. Noticed this is almost a year ago... hope all is well and your pup is doing well.
    Thanks for visiting Virginia!

  27. I just now saw your comment on potatoes. I did reply. I have been ill. Practical Parsimony.

  28. I hope your sweet doggie is all well now. Blessings to you and yours Susie

  29. Susie...I can identify with what happened to your sweet little pup in so many ways. My Milo had 4 teeth removed when he was about eight. Thankfully the mouth heals very fast. Over the years a few more teeth have fallen out on their own. I guess its part of age. We're told to brush our pet's teeth but that's almost impossible. A few years ago my vet told me it was recommended that I have my little Layla be put under so they could clean her teeth and prevent tooth loss and pain. She was about nine at the time and I couldn't see taking that risk. I think if a dog has pain in it's mouth, they'll let us know.

    I just had back surgery and of all things to give me problems, it was my trachea. It swelled and was sore and I couldn't cough for thief of me. Coughing is so important so that you don't get pneumonia. It took a good two days for it to feel better, even with the pain meds!

    Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment!

    Jane x

  30. I am so glad your dog, Milo is ok. I am having a similar problem with my Yorkie.